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Matt Lauer and the Today Show panel were aghast at a Prince Harry interview where the Prince talks about killing Taliban.

Seems that's what soldiers are for, isn't it? Though you wouldn't know it from the reactions of the progressive bedwetters on the panel.

Obama fangirl Beyonce is catching flak for lip synching the National Anthem at the inauguration. On learning of Obama's re-election she famously instagrammed "Take That Mitches."

The young lady seems vulgar and classless - like her dancing. I can't sing and dance, but then again, Beyonce shouldn't opine beyond the limits of her entertainer education.

Speaking of classless, how about our president. Trotting out schoolkids to push anti-gun legislation (and executive fiat) is about as low as you can get. Rush Limbaugh called the kids "human shields."

I like Limbaugh, alot. Obama, not at all.

Wasn't Hillary's performance at the Bengazi hearings stunning? Reminded me of a schoolgirl brought before the principal for cheating on a history test.

Clinton's yelling, crying and equivocating was better suited to a 17 year-old than an American secretary of state.

At least she took responsibility. Much like Janet Reno did after ordering the assault that resulted in the deaths of 74 Americans at Waco, including women and children.

In other words, nothing happened and no one lost their job.

Four brave Americans are still dead, but 2/3 of those polled still esteem Mrs Clinton highly.

If the term "low information voters" ever applied, it's here.

In this age of Obama, seems we've got lots of low information voters. Many folks are starting to notice their social security payments go up.

Wait until the full weight of Obamacare taxes kicks in.

Mr and Mrs Harbaugh have a dilemma. Their sons square off as head coaches in the Super Bowl. Seems hard work, genetics and luck pushed the Harbaugh boys to the top of their profession.

Congratulations to the Harbaughs on this most American dream come true. 

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