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If CNN can twist a headline, so can I :-)

This morning’s front-page online edition of CNN has the following headline:

Guatemalan army stole kids for adoption, report says

For the majority of Americans who only scan the headlines, the seed has been planted: Brown-skinned babies adopted by foreigners are stolen.

The Melting PotAs the parent of an adopted Guatemalan-born child, I know firsthand the many safeguards required today to adopt a child from Guatemala, inluding multiple DNA tests verified by labs in the USA, and sometimes years-long verification processes after which the DNA-certified mother of the child has to sign off on the adoption four times throughout the process.

Nevertheless, there are those who don’t want Americans adopting foreigners, or whites adopting brown-skinned children, or foreign-born supposedly less-human savages gaining American citizenship and growing up to vote the good-ol boys out of office.

Today CNN played to the good-ol boy mentality with their propaganda-like headline, only mentioning in the fine print that these “stolen kids” were taken during the Guatemalan civil war, and that the 333 cases of stolen children occurred over a period of 36 years:

A presidential ministry has determined that about 45,000 people disappeared during the nation’s civil war, which lasted from 1960 to 1996. About 5,000 of those were children, the ministry said. Another 200,000 people died in the conflict between the leftist guerrillas and right-wing governments.

So, given that sometime last century 200,000 people were murdered, 45,000 disappeared, and 5,000 children disappeared, CNN emphasizes the fact that foreign-adopted Guatemalan children are stolen?

That’s why I say CNN is being irresponsible, surreptitiously racist, and along with most of the Main Stream Media in America, a proud practicing proponent of the worst type of yellow journalism.

As long as CNN is going to headline a 30-year-old issue, the bigger truth advertised in the headline should be that 200,000 parents of these “stolen” children were killed during a civil war whose roots began when the USA overthrew the democratically-elected president of Guatemala in 1954 and replaced him with a dictator.

Why did the USA replace a democratic representative government with a dictator? Because the democratically-elected President of Guatemala took unused farm land owned by corporations and gave it to peasants to farm, and this pissed off the United Fruit Company. So the USA media spread propaganda that the Guatemalan democracy was turning communist and wiped him out.

God bless the people in other countries who adopted these war orphans whose parents were murdered because of the paranoid corporate-owned CIA.

More about the USA overthrowing the Guatemalan democracy here: 1954 Guatemalan Coup d’état.

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