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    • Speak Hebrew.
    • Go hiking.
    • Sit outside a bar and drink Goldstar.
    • Walk down the street from the bar, drinking my beer on the street.
    • Hitchhike.
    • Eat at Falafel Gabai in Tel Aviv.
    • Return to my favorite parts of the shuk in Jerusalem, and explore more of that labyrinth on a crazy Friday afternoon.
    • Walk in the middle of a big city at 4am, and not worry about muggers.
    • Sit at a cafe for hours on a sunny Friday morning, drinking an Americano despite the scorching heat.
    • Feel comfortable offering my two cents to a stranger, because I know we are brothers.
    • Wait in line at Abu Hassan, knowing I will be eating the best hummus in the world at the same table as four perfect strangers.
    • See soldiers everywhere and feel a bit nostalgic - but not too much.
    • Make extensive plans for the weekend on Friday morning.
    • Sit outside and look at the much bluer sky.
    • Get lost in the Old City.
    • Go to the Galil and see where I come from.
    • Eat a breakfast of eggs, cheeses, bread, salad - what’s cereal?
    • Go the Kotel on the night of Tisha B’Av.
    • Watch the sunset on the beach.
    • Go to Jerusalem and walk on the same stones my ancestors did thousands of years ago.
    • Be extremely dry and sarcastic, and fit right in.
    • Hear Jeff Buckley’s Hallelujah, right before the 2am news on Galgalatz.
    • Be home.

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